Albert Bandura

 A brilliant man...

Albert Bandura was born in Canada. Bandura's father taught himself to read in three languages and greatly valued education. His parents were great models of self-regulated learning. Bandura got his Ph.D. in 6 years and has been teaching at Stanford for over 50 years. He's quite self regulated and self motivated. Bandura created a social learning theory that later developed into his famous social cognitive theory. The social cognitive theory is a "theory that adds concern with cognitive factors such as beliefs, self-perceptions, and expectations to the social learning theory that emphasizes learning through observation of others" (Woolfolk). Key features of Bandura's work and his social cognitive theory include:

  • Moving Beyond Behaviorism
  • Triarchic Reciprocal Causality
  • Self-Efficacy and Agency
  • Observational Learning

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